I’m sure at some point you have heard or been told (forcibly) that you need to drink more water. Heck, I am even guilty of being one of the, “You should really drink more water,”  people. If there’s one thing I have learned over my career, it’s trying to guilt someone into drinking more water, does not accomplish anything.  

  1. Juicy Veggies. Cucumber, bell peppers, tomatoes. These veggies are pack with water. I know you may be thinking, “Kristin, tomatoes are the worst. We hates them.” Simple, don’t eat them. Find a veggie that you like and eat them. One thing I don’t believe in is forcing yourself to eat something you don’t like.
    An added bonus to eating more vegging is you increase your fiber intake. I’m working on a post that covers the benefits of fiber. I’ll link it here once it’s done.
  2. Munch on Melons. (Not those melons, at least not for this particular reason ;)) I’m talking watermelon, honeydew, et cetera. Melons have a higher water content than most fruit and are a great tasty way to get your water intake up. However, melons have a tendency to be higher in sugar so be aware of that.  
  3. Make your water tasty. Add some fresh berries to your water, sliced frozen peaches are great and keep your water cold ta-boot. Cucumber in your water makes a refreshing change-up to the lemon wedge. The other benefit is you have a snack at the end of your glass of water that will increase your veggie and fruit intake, That’s a win, win if I do say so myself.  
  4. Steep a Cup of Herbal Tea! Any tea that does not have caffeine is a great way to get more water in you with great flavor. Certain herbal teas like chamomile or mint can even help calm you at night to promote good sleep. You can even chill it and have herbal iced tea. Just go easy on the sweetener if you want it sweet.  
  5. Drink It At A Temp You Like. If you drink it better when it’s cold have it cold, if you drink it better when it’s warm have it warm or hot. Just drink the fraking water! 
  6. Having good quality water makes a difference too. If water tastes like chlorine chances are it won’t encourage you to drink more. Rather than buying bottles of water consider investing in a water filtration pitcher. Get one that removes lead, and if you can one that you only have to dispose of the filter and not the housing plastic for the filter. To see the filtration pitcher I use and recommend you can check it out here.
  7. Have a Special Cup. mug or water bottle you love to drink out of. I know this sounds silly but I find I drink water better when I can drink it from my 20oz T.A.R.D.I.S mug. It’s fun to drink out of and I don’t have to refill it as often because it’s so big. 

Why is it important to drink enough water?  

Water regulates your body temperature, protects your tissues, spinal cords and joints by keeping things moist (I’m sorry if you don’t like that word). Water helps remove waste not just in your BMs but also the waste from your cells. (Yes, your cells poop too.)  Water also aids digestion by providing everything from saliva to the fluid in your stomach to helping the fiber you eat to expand and great the bulk in your stools to clean out your colon. Water is also what helps your blood stay fluid. Your body is mostly water and relies on water for every function.  

How much water should you drink?  

There really is no hard and fast rule for how much water you should drink. Some say 8 glasses a day, others say half your pound weight in ounces. A good indicator is to really listen to your body and pay attention. Your pee is a good place to look. If your urine is dark yellow and you have not been taking b-vitamins then you should drink a glass or two. If your urine is clear or pale yellow you’re probably in good shape. But obviously, if you’re thirsty, drink up.  

Whether you are an avid water drinker or are just starting to drink more water, congratulations! You are taking a great step to improving your health and treating your body like the temple it is.


K 🙂 

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