I’ve gone MIA. I have not reached out to say “Hi”. I’ve canceled plans that I normally would have been stoked to keep. I don’t reply to your texts right away lately. It’s nothting personal about any of the people in my life. You did not do anything wrong. I still love you and value your friendship.

So why did I disappear?

Chances are I’m going through something tough in my life and don’t want to burden you with it because I know you’re struggling too. I know because you told me and I don’t want to add any of my troubles to your emotional load. Since I can feel your emotions so deeply I can’t bear the thought of adding my pain to your plate.

It’s hard for me to be out and social when I’m struggling because I can’t keep a brave face and be the support you need. So, I retreat to my den to heal.

So it’s nothing personal. I will come back when I get through what I’m dealing with. I still love you and I’m still rooting for you to win.


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