What Give A Person Value? We have a tendancy to associate a person’s value is based on outer material things and their accomplishments. I know this has happened to me and is something that in network marketing is used as a marker for how valuable a person is to a team or a company.

Here’s the thing not everyone wants to go to the top, and that’s okay. When we dismiss people because we don’t believe they’ve achieved enough success by our standards, we are the ones that miss out. 

Likewise, if you come across someone who devalues you based on what you’ve achieved or want to achieve, they are the ones missing out.

There are many people out there who have knowledge that can help us move towards our dreams, but are dismissed based on their level of success, or shall I say our perceived vision of what success should look like.

As I build, I am making a conscious effort to include and value everyone and create a, “Love them where they’re at,” culture in my team. It’s incredibly exciting because I know that whoever joins my team will feel accepted and valued no matter what their goals are or where they go with this opportunity.

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