I have been on this soapbox before and dag-nabbit I’m jumping on it again.

When you think of doing a cleanse, what image comes to your mind? I don’t know about you, but my first vision from what I’d heard from those around me was one of fasting, drinking a weird clay mixture, or living on fresh juice for weeks. The premise of this way of cleansing is not bad, but as I have been learning from professionals in natural nutrition and holistic medicine there is one key nutrient missing… fiber!

The one nutrient that gets all the garbage out of your body is the one thing that is missing from many cleanse and detox programs, fiber. Granted if you’re consuming fresh veggie juices then you’re getting the soluble fiber that cleans out your cells, but what about the insoluble fiber, the roughage? When you’re not chewing food, or at least taking a fiber supplement you’re cleaning your cells, which is great, but what’s helping to clean out your colon? And why is this important?

It’s important because if you’re not pooping, all the waste that your body wants to get rid of is getting reabsorbed in your body (YUCK!!) potentially making the toxic load in your body heavier.

So, what do we do?

Well, find a cleanse that has a focus on eating loads of fresh veggies and fruit with the help of cleaning supplements. Why cleansing supplements? They will make sure that your body’s cleansing process gets into high gear. They help to assist cell cleansing as well as colon cleansing. And when it comes to the colon cleansing supplement it should be gentle! They should make you run to the bathroom and camp out there for hours at a time. But they should help you go a little easier.

So moral of the story, make sure when you are looking at a cleanse it follows a plan of eating nutrient-dense veggies and fruit to cleanse, repair and feed and nourish your cells and most importantly support healthy bowel movements to make sure the toxins get out and stay out!

If you’d like to learn the cleanse I use that meets all of these guidelines you can check out the 7 Day Healthy Cleanse.

If you want to take your nutrition to a whole new level I invite you to look at the Prove It Challenge which includes the 7 Day Healthy Cleanse and a simple supplement regimen to help you live younger longer for life!

To your healthy life, hugs Kristin 🙂

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