I feel like sometimes I’m the queen of odd jobs, especially lately. I am always on the lookout for something I can do on my time. I have experience in many areas, I’m definitely a Jane of all trades. I’ve done work farming (animal and crop), waitressed, gas jockey, cashier, retail in many areas, some reception, worked in a kitchen cooking. Not to mention all of the skills I have learned just from trying new things. The two things that were missing in my jobs was the ability to work on my time when I want and to advance. I like to learn. It’s exciting for me. When there’s no room to learn I check out faster than a bad date.

At the moment I have two things on the go that are both work-from-home gigs. I have an online business in network marketing and I work freelance as a transcriber. I wanted to share the pros and cons of each because both of them are very different and have their own kinks and quirks. One of the things that they both share though is flexibility! I can be there to pick up my kids from school, I don’t have to worry about daycare or a sitter, both offer that. If I need to run out for an emergency, I put on my shoes and go.

The first one I want to share about is my transcribing gig. This is what I would call freelance work through an agency. How I do my transcribing would be similar to Uber or Lyft in how it works, you get paid per job, not per hour. I started this just over a year ago and for the last year has been my main source of income. In the last month, things have taken a turn that has left me in a bit of a pickle. If you want to check out what happened you can mosey on over to twitter and search, fair wages for transcriptionists and you will see what I mean. I don’t really want to get into the drama of it all, but it was a kick in the pants none the less.

Pros of freelance transcribing through an agency.
– You work when you want, schedule flexibility.
– No minimum or maximum. Work as much or as little as you like.
– Great community of people in the forum.
– You get paid every week (Provided you work of course).
– A variety of topics (You wouldn’t believe how much I have learned).
– You can work in your PJs, sweats, heck naked if you really want to. No one will know.

Cons of freelance transcribing through an agency.
– Pay per hour spent usually not that great. Expect $5 lower than minimum wage and even more so when the audio is challenging to hear. And now with the recent changes, it’s even worse.
– The company can change anything at any time without notice and consult.
– You don’t get paid for the time spent to find a job. When you’re scrolling through 1000s of audio files it has taken up to an hour and a half to find one that is somewhat audible.
– You are not an employee and therefore are not eligible for benefits, raises, vacation pay. The company has no obligation to you.
– There is no guarantee of work either. I have been on many times when there is no work to be found and my bills were due yesterday. The holidays are extremely slow.
– It can be dog-eat-dog to snag a job. Like seagulls fighting for a that once piece of bread that’s on the ground.
– You don’t have the same value to the company as an employee. It can feel like you’re just another number in the system.

So now let’s talk network marketing or MLM as you may know it. In 2009 I started my career in Network Marketing. I partnered with a company called Shaklee and have been a partner with them ever since. What I loved about it then was the learning and the opportunity to grow and advance my income to where I wanted it to go. I will admit I came in pretty naive, I really didn’t understand how much work I would have to put in. Now that I understand what it takes I do my best to convey that to anyone who is looking to join my team. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

Pros Of Network Marketing:
– You set your hours, you’re in control of your schedule and it’s flexible.
– Choose how much you want to earn and get to work to achieve it. There’s no limit.
– As you build your team and customer base residual income kicks in. If you have not read the book Beach Money by Jordan Adler check it out, he explains it superbly.
– Positive community and team, you get to work with like-minded people.
– Personal development program cleverly disguised as a business. (learning, learning :))
– You choose who you work with!!!
– You choose where you work!
– Incentives!!! (Travel, cash bonuses, gifts).
– Being of service to others and helping others get ahead.
– Build generational wealth. Learn more about that here.
– Built-in mentorship and coaching.
– No huge overhead and low cost of entry. You can usually start anywhere from $50 to $1000. And most you don’t need to carry a room full of stock, as most have online stores built-in.
– No employees to manage.
– Tax deductions! Everything from your rent/mortgage to your car. anything you use to build your business can be used for tax deductions. This alone is worth starting, believe me. To learn more about that go here.

Cons Of Network Marketing:
– You’re starting from scratch.
– You do get the side-eye from people who think you’re out to scam them.
– It takes time and effort to build your income, usually more than you think.
– You do have to talk to people and network, hence the name network marketing. No, you cannot hide behind a computer, anyone who tells you that is either lying or is not experienced enough in the industry.
– You are the boss. You are accountable to you. That can be a struggle if you’re in an employee mindset.
– There’s no guarantee of success.
– Company benefits are no longer available.
– If the company goes under, you lose your business with them. (Yes, it happens and it is heartbreaking to see).

I’m positive there are some points I missed on both, but this will give you a general idea. My personal thoughts on this, I would choose network marketing as a project you build for the long term and use the gig jobs as a short term income while you build. Because honestly, would you rather work your butt off forever? Or work your butt off for a few years while you grow your business which will allow for more freedom as the residual income starts to come in? I know what I would prefer.

If you’d like to learn more about what it takes to build an online network marketing business I invite you to download my free e-book on the topic.

It’s not all sunshine, lollipops and roses with network marketing like some may portray it and it’s definitely not for everybody. But if you have any inkling to be an entrepreneur it is the only opportunity that I have found that won’t drain your life savings, has built-in lifetime support and coaching and never a limit on how far you can go. It’s not perfect, but nothing ever is.

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