When I switched and started promoting the green cleaning products that I use, I got some pretty strong objections when it came to going green with cleaning. I wanted to share three of the top “objections” I would get when I talked about the cleaning products I use. So I compiled four of the most common objections/myths that I have come across in my journey.

  1. It Doesn’t “Smell” Clean.
    This is the one that makes me shake my head the most. When you say, “It smells so clean in here,” it doesn’t actually mean it’s clean. Every air freshener ad actually proves that clean is not a smell.
    You have a room that is filthy, there is grossness everywhere. Then the air freshener is sprayed and they bring in the blindfolded human and asks them to smell and share what they smell. And they say, “It smells so clean and fresh.” When in reality the room looks it should be doused in gasoline and a match should be lit.
    So no clean is not a smell. Actually the “clean is a smell” is a marketing tactic done by companies that manufacture cleaning products to cover up the actual smell of the cleaning product which would probably make you question whether or not you should use it. But if it smells like fresh rain, it can’t be that bad, right? If you’d like to hear more about this particular topic, you can visit my Clean Doesn’t Have a Smell post.
  2. It’s Expensive To Go Green.
    It’s only expensive if you want it to be. And beware companies that label their products as green but are the exact same formula as their conventional product, (yes it happens).
    You have to beware of the products that are sheep in wolves’ clothing. It sucks, and it’s slimy, but that is what happens. Granted that at first blush it can seem quite a lot to pay $12 for a bottle of cleaner versus the $2 you’d spend in the dollar store. But when that $12 cleaner can replace over 5000 bottles of the dollar store cleaner, it’s actually cheaper. The key is super concentration. Don’t pay for water, pay for the product. More on the power of super concentration in a post yet to come.
  3. Going Green Means Sacrificing Effectiveness.
    Actually, most green cleaning products work just as good if not better than conventional cleaning products. I do say most as not all green cleaner are created equal. Again it comes down to the product. The one I use outperforms everything I have ever used in my life and I have used it all. You can check it out here.
  4. Well, Vinegar Works Just Fine.
    For this one, I do have to say congratulations. Congratulations on making a conscious decision to reduce the number of chemicals you use in your home. For me personally, I don’t like cleaning with vinegar. But who’s to say it shouldn’t be an option. And you know what, vinegar works just fine. How I see it, if you are going to make a change that is healthier who am I to poo poo on you. If you want to use something that doesn’t make your house smell like vinegar, let me know. If you don’t that’s cool. Keep on doing a great job.

If you’d like to learn more about some great cleaning products that can help you live a greener life without sacrificing your greenbacks, and effectiveness you can have a look here.

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