A while ago I got in an accident?. I was thrown from a horse ?and wrenched the rotator cuff in my right shoulder really badly. And it caused a lot of soft tissue damage that haunted?‍♀️ me for three years. 

I did not do surgery ?‍⚕️. And as a result I had a lot of pain all the time, that just never seemed to go away. I could not sleep on my right side, which caused lack of sleep, and a very crusty Kristin ?. The strength in my shoulder was gone, and being a farm kid I was generally pretty strong. ? 

I was offered to try a cellular anti aging product. I have to say I wasn’t really into it. I was 25 at the time and looked like I was 12 (okay maybe 17). I thought, “If I take any anti aging product it is not going to do anything for me other than back in kindergarten.”? 

I was prompted to try it anyways, just so I could at least know what it tasted like, for when others asked. 

So I did. for the next month I took one teaspoon every morning of this red satin liquid, that tasted like the most amazing grape juice I have ever had. It definitely delighted the taste buds. And man was I surprised. 

The pain in my shoulder was gone after a week and a half. I was getting strength? back, because it didn’t hurt to do push ups or work out. I was able to sleep? all night with our pain. I was getting full range of motion and flexibility back. 

I couldn’t figure out why this was working for my injury that was three year old. Until I was listening to a call one night with a doctor on this product. He said that it helped my soft tissue cells regenerate properly and it was actually repairing the damage. WOW! ? 

I am incredibly grateful that I decided to try the red goodness. What would have eventually ended up as a surgery was able to self heal, by giving the cells what they needed to what they do, which was repair. You don’t have to be in the “seasoned” years to need cellular anti aging. From here on out I will be living younger longer. ? 

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