I don’t know about you, but I am one to know where I want to go, but I never take inventory to see where I am. The result? Not being able to draw an accurate map that gets me where I want to go. It’s like wanting to go to Vancouver from Winnipeg, but you’re actually in Mexico. That couls cause a complication.

When it comes to your health it’s important to see where you are now. The three factors to the state of your health are: The thoughts you think, what you put in your mouth and how you move your body.

If you really want to reach your health goals you ahve to take invetory of what you are working with in the present time. Start keeping tabs on what is going on in your thoughts, what you’re putting in your mouth and how you’re moving your body.

Start tracking the thoughts you think. What do you say to yourself on a daily basis? Are you thinking thoughts that diminish you or lift you up? How do you think of others? Is it wil compassion or judgement? What are your default settings when it comes to the thoughts you think.

Track what you put in your mouth as of this presesnt moment for one week. This is not meant to make you feel bad or shame you if you’ve been eating crappy. This is to give you a starting point and help you see your patterns for eating. It is also important to track how you felt when you ate, especially when it comes to snacking. Snaking usually has the most emotion to it. Make sure to add the beverages you consume too.

And then finally, how you move your body? Track where you are now for how you move. Pretty simple track what activity you do every day for a week. Using a the step counter on your smart phone can help with that.

From all you data you can then use the free Health Print tool to give you an overview of where you are. You will then get a personalized plan with simple actions steps to help you move towards your goals.

For more great holistic wellness focused content visit my Wellness Center.

Talk to you soon, and you do have the power to create the life you want to live they way you want to live it.

Hugs, K.

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