I have been following a few people who focus on helping people brand themselves. One theme that many promote is to pick a thing that is your thing and stick to it. This caused a boatload of anxiety because I love so many things, have so many interests and love so many different things. Branding was hell for me and took many years to find a way to brand myself in a manner where I didn’t feel like I was abandoning who I am.

My taste in music is a great example, I am not dedicated to one genre. I am more partial to some genres than others, but I think I like at least one song from every genre out there. If I was told to pick a genre team or get thrown, I would run away and start my own clan. I felt like if I was going to brand myself the way many were teaching (or at least how I was interpreting their teaching) I would lose me and who I am. And those who decided to follow me would never really get to know me. That was not something I could do.

So what do you do when you can’t pick a subject for your brand? Brand yourself as you. My brand is Goddess in Sweats, that is one thing I can brand myself with that allows me the freedom to share and talk about all of my interests from my spiritual growth, to my gaming fun, to my Dr. Who fandom, to my love of skincare, to my love of Tool and BSB (Yes, you can love them both, you don’t have to choose). I have decided that you can share your multi-passions as a brand, and if you feel you can’t, you can and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

We are so conditioned to segregate that we even segregate ourselves from the inside out. What if we could just let all the aspects of ourselves mingle. That is my brand. I don’t specialize in one aspect of myself, I love it all and want all of it to be part of my brand, which is why my brand is Goddess In Sweats. Does it mean I only wear sweats? No, I enjoy wearing jeans, slacks and once in a while a dress.

So you might be thinking, “Well, why Goddess In Sweats?”

Let me share that with you. Goddess In Sweats is because I feel like a goddess when I’m in my sweats. I spend the most time in my sweats, working from home affords that luxury (I relish in it). I have seen many people, especially women but men too, who think less of themselves or believe they are not as attractive when they are in slack clothes. And what I want to do is break that thought construct. You can be just as attractive in sweats and a t-shirt as you are dressed to the nines. Comfort is sexy too. And that is what Goddess In Sweats means to me and why I have decided on that as my brand. So rather than I’m the music woman, the Jeep woman, the horse-woman, or the crystal woman, I am Goddess In Sweats and I dove all of those things and will share them all with you.

So, if you’re struggling to find your brand is there a way you can brand yourself in a way that you are not limited to certain aspects of yourself? Is there a way for people to recognize you that encapsulates your expansiveness and promotes your growth?

The other thing I struggled with when it came to branding, is I am going to change and grow. Limiting myself to one aspect of myself didn’t really give me any room to grow. I found it constricting, like pigeonholing myself into a specific aspect of myself. So here I am, being me as Goddess In Sweats, and giving myself a brand that has room to grow.

There may be some branding experts who don’t agree with this idea of branding and there may be some who do. But in the end, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I have room to share all aspects of myself in my brand and it gives me room to grow as I learn and grow.

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