I have been active on my spiritual and journey for a long time now, at least 15 years. But it’s been a rocky road and I have stopped and started in my opinion. Even though I have be told that I didn’t stop but rather maintained where I moved to.

This might sound crazy but, when I really started to get consistent with my spiritual journey was when I started my career in network marketing. You might be thinking, “How on earth can starting in network marketing help you get consistent on your spiritual journey?” I know, it seems crazy, but I’m happy to share it with you.

What is the purpose of a spiritual journey? For me, it’s to be the best person I can be and to continue to be open to the lessons this life has for me.

Some people out there may say that network marketers are scammers, they don’t care about people, they’re just in it to make money off their friends and family. Not really traits or values you would see in someone who is on a journey to be the best version of themselves they can be, eh? Here’s the truth, there are some people in network marketing who are just like that and they don’t care about you, they are only in it for the money and do scam people. But you know what I notice about those people in this industry? They may make some good cash for a while, but they never last long. They burn out faster than a candle being burned from both ends. 

Let’s take a look at network marketing and what I have observed working in the industry for the last 10 years, being able to rub shoulders with the top leaders in the company I am partnered with. Those who build the best relationships, honor and respect people, who really care about the people that they are working with whether they are product only clients or are venturing on this career path are the ones who are here for a lifetime and beyond. They don’t fizzle out. They are people who are revered in their community. People who give back. People who are true leaders.

Why is that? Because in this industry you have to get in touch with your soul, they have to become a better version of themselves every single day. You have to go on your spiritual journey, and you have to find your tribe.

My next question is, why is the negative side of the story so much louder than the amazingly positive side that is actually making the world a better place? I thought long and hard about this. Okay not really, it was more spurts of realization over a few years. My thought is negative is so uncomfortable. And negative brings up so much emotion. There is nothing worse than hearing about or seeing people being taken advantage of. NOTHING! And so we lash out and share it far and wide and say how terrible it is.

When things are peachy keen, and you are being taken care of there’s nothing to complain about. People don’t get all uppity when life is going smooth. When you have someone in your life who is basically giving you life coaching, business coaching, caring about you, helping you out whenever they can. Making sure that the community is being taken care of. No, we yell and scream about the 1 out of 100 that took advantage and give the whole industry a bad name. And there are many times where it’s not even happening, all that happened was the person who got it didn’t do the work and blamed the industry. 

It takes a lot of resilience to even be in this industry, to begin with.  If you have ever gotten into network marketing you know exactly what I mean. I partnered with one of the oldest, well-known companies in the world. I have had it where I have said what I do when asked, and people roll their eyes and say, “Oh, you’re in one of those.” The hardest one though was being at an event and watching two women about my age walking by with one whispering in the others ear not come over to my table. I never talked to these women in my life, so it wasn’t me personally. But nothing makes you feel more naked than events like that.

Being in this industry has been teaching me to be of more sound body, mind and spirit. It has helped me be able to analyze my emotions and actually feel them. Not to fly off the handle, but to look and say, “I’m feeling something that is uncomfortable. Where is this coming from? What do I need to release?”

I have never valued the art of meditation as much as I do now. If I didn’t do my meditations and turn down the volume of my chattery mind, I would not survive. Learning to turn down the doubt, fear, anxiety has been a godsend and I don’t believe would have happened at the rate it did if I didn’t start my career in network marketing.

This career has pushed me to find great teachers, to grow personally, spiritually and physically. I would have never learned what I have learned if not for a career that demanded you become a better version of yourself. To really make a difference in your life, but most importantly the lives of those you touch.

I’m excited for the years to come. I have no intention of leaving this industry. I see what I can do for those around me, and it keeps me moving forward. I’m willing and eager to stick it out and be a leader with longevity by honoring and caring for those who join my team, are my product clients and those who are here to support me by just believing I can do it. Thank you, you know who you are. I can’t wait to see the version of me that I have become this time next year. See you on the other side.

Kristin 🙂

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