When you think of selling and sales, what comes to mind? For me it was a vision of being a pushy pants in getting people to buy the products I was selling.

Promoting is def more up my alley. Promoting is focused on delivering value about what you offer while leaving space for people to say no. This is a critical distinction as I have found (This is all personal experience, not hard facts) sales can be (not all the time) about overcoming objections so people can only say yes.

I dive in deeper in my recent video below.

I hope that if you are in network marketing, are looking at network marketing or have been in network marketing and maybe didn’t like the idea of being a pushy salesperson, you’re invited to have a look at what I do and how I do it. If you love your company you may be able to take some ideas of what I do and implement it into what you do.

Kristin 🙂

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