What Gives A Person Value?

Category: Earn Online

What Give A Person Value? We have a tendancy to associate a person’s value is based on outer material things and their accomplishments. I know this has happened to me […]

The Power of YOU!

Category: Podcast Episode

With all of our responsibilities we sometimes lose touch with who we are and what we desire to experience in life.  Carol Ann is going to touch on why it’s […]

2020 The Year of Surrender

Category: Podcast Episode

I’m writing this on Boxing Day (It’s a Canada and England thing) and currently listing to The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer for the second time in the last month. I […]

My Branding Trap Experience

Category: Marketing Tips

I have been following a few people who focus on helping people brand themselves. One theme that many promote is to pick a thing that is your thing and stick […]