F*ck You, I’m Blooming.

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This last week has been particularly rough. As I have been growing there are growing pains that have been testing my resolve for keeping going.  Enter the lily in bloom. The story […]

Are You Giving Your Power Away?

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One thing I have learned is the more you blame outside circumstances on what is going on in your life it leaves you powerless. Let’s unpack this, shall we? What […]

What Gives A Person Value?

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What Give A Person Value? We have a tendancy to associate a person’s value is based on outer material things and their accomplishments. I know this has happened to me […]

The Power of YOU!

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With all of our responsibilities we sometimes lose touch with who we are and what we desire to experience in life.  Carol Ann is going to touch on why it’s […]

What is A Healthy Cleanse?

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Your body has a natural cleansing process that happens every single day. But, when you are putting in more than your body can handle, that’s where the problems happen. Doing […]

When To Stop Resisting

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I used to be pretty go with the flow. I like to think I still am. This comes to mind tonight as my youngest asks me to work in bed […]